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The Story

 Each Csilla Jewelry Collection is inspired by the beautiful but complex flow of life itself.



The Goddess of the Earth has watched over our planet through the millennia. She knows all but leaves it to us to interpret, understand and care for the world we all share. The Gaea Collection pays tribute to our one Mother. Each individual jewel is crafted infusing layer upon layer of gold and diamonds, symbolizing the many interwoven levels of life that we celebrate and cherish every day.

Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique



A universe of shimmering diamonds and lustrous gold are at the heart of the Csillag Collection. Csillag means “star” in Hungarian; a fitting tribute to all the women who work tirelessly to make their own universe on Earth a better, more beautiful place for themselves and those they love. You are a shining star.

Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique



Our destinies flow throughout the course of our lives. We trust that we are in control. And most of the time we are. We call upon our strengths, our positive outlook, our willpower to succeed. The part that we cannot control?That’s our destiny too. No need to fight it. Instead, celebrate it, with the Uniq Collection.

Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique


Do you ever amaze yourself; accomplishing what you thought was the impossible? Do you stop long enough to congratulate yourself or are you immediately onto the next brave and fearless feat? Symbolizing the labyrinth of life, the ‘A-MĀZ-ME’ COLLECTION rejoices in life’s spiritual journey. There are times when the struggle may be overwhelming, but through our resilience and strength we will be victorious. By maintaining a positive frame of mind we need to believe that everything will be okay. Because it will.

As your determination and strength lead you through the maze, you will discover your happiness along the way.

Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique



Named after the designer’s young son, the EDEN COLLECTION honors the special differences in ourselves and those we cherish. We take pleasure in the unique qualities of the people we love. Rich gold and radiant diamonds, slightly off center; twisted just enough to make you look twice and rejoice in the exceptional.

Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique


Self-love is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Like self-respect. To be able to care for others we first have to care for ourselves. This is not selfish; this is smart. When we provide our body and mind with a healthy environment, we are stronger; for ourselves and for those whom count on us every day. The elegant curves of the   ME&I COLLECTION remind you to embrace the beauty within with elegance and grace.

Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique.



Csilla Mezei is not only a fine jewelry designer, she is a James Bond aficionado. The CASINO ROYALE COLLECTION was the beginning of her foray into the world of luxury jewelry design. Csilla never wore jewelry; she simply couldn’t find anything she liked. So she began by taking jewelry making classes and created a dramatic gold ring covered in diamonds. When people began to buy her rings off of her fingers, she rented a shop where she started to handcraft her jewelry, one piece at a time. The CASINO ROYALE COLLECTION, big, bold, statement jewels. And the beginning of a beautiful, life story.

Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique.


Issimo as in “bellissimo.” Very beautiful, feminine, adored. Circles of gold intertwined. Their paths cross; suddenly, sparks fly, (could they be diamonds?) They dance and glitter, swirling around each other. A glorious, new alternative to the standard wedding band. A wedding ring like no other.

Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique.


Love! Do we need to spell it out? We sure do! Amore. Stunning, wide 18k gold bands that spell out what your heart already knows. A magnificent alternative to the standard wedding ring, or just to say, “I love you.” What could be more perfect?
Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique.
With Love